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We tried to cover just about everything you need to know.


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I have an idea for my dream custom bike, can you build it?


Yes we can, we like to to think that any ideas are possible within reason and we enjoy challenges especially ones that others turn down.

Ultimately it comes down to budget and timescale.


How long will it take to finish the build?


Each build is different,  bespoke projects are mostly unique so timescales will vary. Once we have a clear picture of your project we will advise you upon agreement and keep you fully up to date with the progress of the build. 


Can I pay for my build in installments?


On commencing your bike build we will need an up-front payment which is dependant on the scope of the project and wether or not we need to source a donor bike or any large items. From then on we ask for stage payments to ensure you are fully comfortable with your budget.


Full payment has to be recieved before any bike is released from our premises.


How much will it cost to build my dream custom bike?

Given the nature of projects we operate a flat workshop rate per hour to cover all  design/fabrication/mechanical/wiring work etc plus parts and materials cost. We very much work with you to get all the details you want to see in your build which is why no build is ever the same. Every component choices have the potential to vary considerably depending on options you choose. Normally the time is in the details to make things compatible and these are sometimes hard to assess until you get into the project. Mainly we need to know the current mechanical condition of your donor bike and have an idea of where you want to go with the build.

Most of our projects end up changing whilst on route, that is what is exciting about commissioning a bespoke bike and being involved with the journey.


What is the process of getting on the waiting list?


We ask for a holding deposit to secure a slot on the waiting list for the workshop. We will provide the payment details during our communications. Once your deposit is in you will be booked on the waiting list!



Do you have bikes for sale?

Yes we usually do so checkout our sales section including upcoming builds.

We build our bike and build to commission, that way we can give our clients exactly what they want in terms of specification, fit and finish in line with  budget expectations. 


We also have/can acquire suitable donor bikes if you see an example of one of our previous builds which you really like.

What can I do before enquiring about getting work done?


It is useful to have as many pictures of what you have in mind for your build. The Web is great for  inspiration. It is also useful to know what the starting point is. Overall condition of your donor bike can heavily influence the project choice. As much research you can gather before getting in touch will help us give you the best info in return.



Can I come and visit your workshop?


As much as we love to talk bikes we have had to take measures during the COVID-19 outbreak to keep the workshop as isolated as possible to ensure our safety and the continuation of our projects.

Please feel free to book a consultation slot to discuss your project in detail preferably over the phone/video or email.

Can I ask you questions about my project?


We are busy working on bikes amd custom parts; every enquiry takes time away from our current work plan.

We like to ensure every enquiry gets full attention and request you book a 30 or 60 min consultation slot to discuss the project in detail.

Ts&Cs for selling goods or services within our company.

Payments are to be completed in full on issue of invoice by cash or bank transfer. Late payment and/or uncollected items will incur interest, charges and eventually debt recovery costs if agreement isn't followed. No vehicle will be released before full payment is completed. 

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