Motorcycle Forks Rebuild & Repair Service


The service we offer is simple - you can either drop them off or post them to us.  
The rebuild service includes -

• Disassembly of front forks including all internal parts
• Inspection of all parts for wear or damage.
• Inspection of stanchions and outer tubes 
• Polish chrome tubes (if necessary)
• Strip and thorough clean of piston assemblies
• New genuine oil seals
• Rebuilt using high quality factory standard fork oil

You may also wish to look at upgrading the fork internals and fork springs - we have a range of options for most bikes.

We also offer the following cosmetic options if you're either looking to restore your forks or completely change their look -

• Powder coating
• Anodising
• Titanium Nitride Coating
• DLC Coating
• Polishing
• Rechroming

When sending us your forks, remember the following -

• Prices quoted are for a pair of forks and include VAT. Please note we only work on pairs of forks not singles.
• Ensure you include a note with your full name, telephone number, email address, make/model/year of bike and a list of the services required
• Make sure that the forks are reasonably clean before they are packed up or dropped off, to avoid any additional cleaning charges
• Our standard service does not include the cost of dust seals and bushes. 
• Anything over and above will be charged at the rate as per the optional extras on our website