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Clear Vision Powder Coat Per 1lb

Clear Vision Powder Coat Per 1lb


Gloss High Quality Polyester Powder Coat Powder

10 minutes @ 180 degrees

These powders are used by us daily, from refurbishing wheels to anything metal that needs coating.

We only use high quality powders/ finishes as you can see from our photos.

All our powders are only bought here in UK and USA


Color: Transparent Gloss

    Before the application of any powder coating material make sure the surface of the substrate is properly cleaned and treated.  If a surface is not sufficiently prepared, any remaining residues can affect the adhesion of the powder and the quality of the final finish. A proper preparation treatment is mainly dependent on the material being coated.

    Oil, grease, solvent, and residue can be removed from a part’s surface with weak alkali and neutral detergents in dip tanks or with wash stations.

    Parts which have surface debris e.g., rust, scaling, existing paint or finish, etc. will require the use of a blast room.. The propelled abrasive material removes surface debris, creating a cleaner, smoother texture and surface upon which to apply coating material.

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