Send us your calipers or drop them off;

We will strip them bare, clean, blast and coat them in factory or any RAL colour. Calipers will then be rebuilt and tested.

A pair of calipers professionally coated starting from


1 pot Calipers   £120

Pair of 2 pot Calipers   £150

Pair of 4 pot Calipers without any plates   £200

Pair of 4 pot Calipers with plates  £240
Pair of 6 pot Calipers   £250 

Pair of 8 pot Calipers   £275 

Metallic /Candy add £25

Clear coat of powder for a high gloss finish add £25

Speciality Colour POA

High-temp vinyl decal add £12 

Prices may vary depending on condition and size

The above prices do not include replacement parts; for example, dust seals, caliper pistons, dust and fluid seals ect.  Additional costs include:

Broken bleed screw removal  £25

Broken bleed screw removal of material left inside (snapped tool)  £45

Thread repairs  £32 each 

Mounting caliper thread repairs  £48

Caliper mounting legs machining  £50 

We will contact you prior to fitting replacement parts

(New bleed screws and dust caps are included in the basic service price).


    Powdercoating calipers offers long term protection that will last many years. By using high grade materials and meticulous preparation we guarantee top quality finishes. Each part of the caliper is taken back to the substrate by acid dipping, blast cleaning, checked for imperfections and degassed.  A zinc primer and a polyester powder coat is applied. Further coats such as diamond clear or candy lacquers can be applied to give that special finishing touch. We can do vehicle decals on request.

    This listing is for calipers stripped, rebuilt and tested by us. Cost is excluding service kits and parts