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Available in smooth black 


Powder coated with a strong smooth finish to give excellent resistance to corrosion.

Manufactured to withstand excellent tolerances.

Available Smooth for Harley Davidson and other custom bikes


Beautiful, TIG-Welded Construction

Leave full width or cut down smooth handlebars if you want a narrower profile


Top Yolk Fitment Centre to Centre 90 mm

Overall width 800 mm

Height 470 mm


38mm Bar using 1" controls and fixed risers with M12 thread


Manufactured in UK by Nine Worlds Kustoms. 


Degrees can be adjusted according to your needs


TIG-welded construction. These Fat bars look killer on most HD's and various other brands; will completely change the look of a stock bike. Excellent for riding fast and slaying lanes.


Leave full-width or cut down smooth handlebars if you want a narrower profile (Dimpled bars can not be cut down if you want to use stock controls). 


Dimpled and chrome will be available soon.


    Please check photo and dimensions before ordering. 

    Ensure this item is suitable for your vehicle before purchasing.


      What is cold drawn seamless mild steel tube and what is it used for?

      Cold drawn seamless pipe, also called CDS tube, is widely used for making roll cages, frames, and other high strength applications that require the use of pipe or pole with a minimum yield 360 N/mm sq.

      This profile is supplied in CFS 3BK grade mild steel in a mill finish; it has good machining, formability, and welding properties. (for this product we recommend using Murex Filarc 56S Electrodes)

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