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60 Milliliters

The Grex E'TAC base modifiers are designed to give a complete flexibility to the Priate Stock & E'FX paint ranges,

PRIVATE STOCK: Base Modifiers - 450 Series, 2 modifiers total

GXPS-450 Extend-Air
Extend-Air is the base for Private Stock™ with additional
hybridized acrylics. It has a light creamy consistency but
produces a transparent finish when dry. Extend-Air is
used for extending color to infinit transparency without
loss of viscosity.

GXPS-451 Pol'E TAC
Pol'E TAC is designed with a harder acrylic type and
specialized modifiers for a higher tensile strength, low
viscosity solution that can produce a harder lower tact
film much like a fixative. It has a water thin milky
consistency but produces a transparent finish when dry.
Used to dilute Private Stock™ for those who wish to
use low PSI or a thinner fluid acrylics for layering
applications. Can be sprayed straight from the bottle
as a foundation for layering color builds on textiles.

E FX: Base Modifiers - 3 modifiers total

GXFX-500 Reduce-Air
Reduce-Air is the base for EFX™, which is a water
re-soluble product that is very similar to gouache or
premium tube-like water colors where erasability, strong
light-fastness and solvent resistance is a must. It has a
water thin milky consistency but produces a transparent
finish when dry. Reduce-Air is used for extending color
to infinite transparency without loss of viscosity.

GXFX-626 Condition-Air
Condition-Air is a clear green liquid that contains emollients,
humectants and specialized wetting agents. It is used to
reduce drying time, helps adjust for colder climates or dry
low humidity climatic conditions. Also helps reduce
drag, fish-eye and achieves very fine line detail on various
surfaces where every stroke and every line counts.
Conditions of your surroundings may vary day to day, but
Condition-Air allows the artist to adapt to those conditions

GXFX-627 Gel'E Thickener
Gel'E Thickener is for those who want to pin-stripe or use
sable brushes or fine line brushes for extra tight detailing.
This product thickens up all of our products and is as always,
user defined by how thick or thin you prefer your media to be.
This product works great with our Semi-Opaques and Opaque
colors and also may be easily used with our transparent and
special effects colors to render most any FX one might choose
in their work.


    About ETAC™ Private Stock™ AG 2050 Modifier

    Private Stock™ AG (Autograph) Opti-Film 2050 is a Phyto-Technology 'Green' Performance 
    enhancement additive for making in-situ adjustments to acrylic artist products, water-based and waterborne, without the use of noxious solvents or alcohols. 
    Heat Curing - Use ample heat to fully encompass areas where colorants are used on surfaces that can sustain nominal to high heat using a heat source. Remember the higher the heat the quicker the film hardness develops. No open time, ready to clear as soon as dry. 

    Ambient Cure - AG 'Autograph' Opti-Film begins to coalesce as water is removed by evaporation or forced hot air. Helps build compatibility between various substrates and chemistry between various acrylics. No need is to use over-the counter ad hoc remedies. 
    Clearing - Private Stock's AG Opti-Film 2050 is ready for clearing after applying to properly prepped and clean substrates. You may use enamel, lacquer or urethane solvent clears as soon as all water has been 
    either mechanically forced off or by ambient drying. Your processes may differ. We suggest always doing a test sample prior to commercial use with any products. 
    Features of Private Stock™ AG (Autograph) Opti-Film 2050 

    1. Tough, durable and water resistant when fully dry/cured. AG dries water clear.
    2. Minimally reduces viscosity when used with PS, EFX or TNT Series. No open time after application.
    Means you can come back and paint when you please, clear when you finish. Adjust viscosity with
    water instead of over-the-counter remedies that are potentially harmful when mixed with art products.
    3. Made to enhance compatibility between solvent clear coats and water-based or waterborne color coats.
    4. Is suitable for many acrylic water based or waterborne systems.
    5. AG Opti-Film 2050 is a Performance Enhancement additive with a myriad of uses.
    6. Reduces your need to inventory reducers as well as many extenders where hard surface water based and 
    waterborne color products may be used. Great for soft surface use as well. Lowers heat demand for woven and non-woven products such as textiles. 
    7. Replaces many products with one investment; 1:1 - 2:1 and 3:1 reductions. 1-2-3 parts acrylic color to 1 
    Part AG 'Autograph' Opti-Film. A ratio of 1:1, 2:1 or 3:1 Color parts to Opti-Film. Example: 2 parts 'Color' to 1 part AG 'Autograph' Opti-Film . Can be measured in drops, ML's, Ounces or gallons. Simple solutions for art based chemistry. 
    8. This products conforms to ASTM D 4236 Non-Toxic standards. Wear a NIOSH approved mask for 
    fume products and particulates masks for nuisance dusts where created. Work Smart! 

    NOTE: This product does not contain petroleum based solvents such as ethylene glycol monobutyl ether, 2,2,4 trimethyl-1,3-pentanediol monoisobutyrate, APE's, 'Phenolic compounds', VOC/HAPS. This products does not emit formaldehyde off-gassing based on TOF Mass Spec analysis as determined by Professional labs and Research for identification of known acute or chronic toxins. 

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