GSX1100F 'Kelly'

Updated: Aug 5, 2019

Yesterday 26.06.2019 I aqcuired a 'garden find' Suzuki GSX1100F.

The Suzuki GSX1100F was a sports tourer introduced by Suzuki in October 1987: powered by a 1127cc 16-valve engine and a 5-speed gearbox.

It had a full adjustable touring fairing also known as powerscreen. Originally the engine came from the GSXR1100, but was re-tuned to deliver more low-end and mid-range power.

Kelly was abondoned in a garden for 4 years, The weathered state can be seen in the pics. Moving her was a challenge due to flat tyres and being jammed. It was also a risk as it always is when you get a bike that doesn't start.

Today I started dismantling rusty and siezed bolts, couldn't take the seat off as the cable was badly corroded and needed to do this to see if the bike has power and turns before I proceed. To my luck everything works even the powerscreen! :-) Engine turns too.

Next job is to continue preparing the bike for restoration and decide which style I will be sticking to.


Today I managed to dedicate a couple of hours on it, stripped alot of parts,degreased and power wash including tank which was in the worst state i've ever seen; over 20litres of fuel, water, rust and grime!

Now preparing parts for coating :)

Next up is sorting frame and swingarm.


When getting a Barn Find or anything that has been neglegted for a long time, It's always advisable to change fuel if any, check fuel lines, plugs and oil.

A full tank means something ain't right ;)


Back again, more updates. Last week the bike was stripped, frame blacked out and all accessories cleaned prepped and coated in satin black to match the frame. All bits especially accessories were in a terrible state, as can be seen from pic.

The frame and all parts look really good now and everthing is being assembled.

Next job is restoring the tank, overhaul the carbs and preparing the wheels for coating. In the meantime we are servicing all mechanical parts as we go along. More updates soon. :)


So, on today's diary; tank is prepped, primed and basecoat done too. fairings are being sorted and getting ready to be painted with the tank. The wheels were stripped completely and coated in a stunning bronze chrome finish. Bearings should be with us shortly so they can be assembled. Can't wait to see it on the wheels now :)

Next up is carbs and caliper overhaul.


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